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    Life sciences marketers speak: why pharma needs to make digital house calls

    “There often isn’t time during the daily schedule to sit down and read a whole journal or even a whole article. With this format, I can review topics I’m interested in whenever I get a break between patients, over lunch, … Read More

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    Digital communications—not just for whitespace anymore

    By Brad Davidson, PhD There is a belief among many healthcare communications and brand managers that multi-channel marketing (MCM) is a substitute for human interaction—and a poor substitute at that, one whose relevance was forced upon the industry as a … Read More

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    Real-world engagement just got real: Leveraging consumer data and location-based signals to drive qualified reach at scale

    By Patrick Aysseh, President of Tomorrow Networks (a division of Aptus Health) Why did a generation of kids want their MTV? At the very basic level, it was the exposure to new, easily digestible content — whether you were a … Read More

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    How digital content is helping physicians curb the opioid abuse epidemic

    By Stephen Smith, PA, MDE Managing pain is, well, a pain. On one hand are the patients who are physically suffering, desperate for relief. On the other hand are the prescribers who are driven to help their patients but finding … Read More

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    The Missing Ingredient in Online Healthcare: Trust

    By Brad Davidson, PhD When the term “virtual reality” was coined in the mid-1980s, a distinction was being drawn between the real world and one mediated through computer screens or similar technology—a distinction that seems to be fading, as more … Read More

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    What the cool kids are talking about at HIMSS this year

    The theme of this year’s HIMSS conference—transforming health through IT – seems tailor-made for the work we’re doing with our clients to transform existing models through digital, mobile tools and technologies. Here are just a couple examples of what some … Read More

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    Zappos is winning by delivering happiness. What kind of experience are you delivering to your evolving customer base?

    By Brad Davidson, PhD It’s the stuff of urban legends – a woman finds dozens of boxes of unworn shoes from Zappos while cleaning out her deceased mother’s house, and doesn’t know what to do with them. The company not … Read More

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    It’s 2016: If you’re not going mobile, you’re not going anywhere with health engagement

    Michael Bodenstab, Vice President of Healthcare Solutions, MedHelp The debate on whether or not to go mobile is over. Today, you have the opportunity to literally be in the pockets of the people you serve — both in those moments … Read More

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