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    Brand Planning: Must-dos for physician engagement

    Recent findings from DRG’s Taking the Pulse 2017 survey of U.S. physicians offer several clear recommendations for pharma companies looking to better engage healthcare professional audiences. Many of the recommendations reflect how we have built and evolved our offerings – … Read More

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    The 9 million patient statin gap: How are HCPs addressing it?

    Differences in leading guidelines on statin therapy to prevent stroke and heart attack leave practitioners uncertain of how to treat about nine million patients. This gap includes many patients younger than 60 years old and those who have diabetes. Should … Read More

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    Whatever your position, geo-targeted formulary status messaging is a win

    A lot can change over the span of just a couple months – changes that can have either a positive or negative impact on a brand. Today, many brands are feeling the impact of a recent change in formulary status. … Read More

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    Test & Teach: A Measurable Approach to Engagement

    Steve Smith, PA, Vice President of Univadis Strategy at Aptus Health Every advancement in medical research brings a greater number of informed decisions that healthcare professionals (HCPs) must be equipped to make. It’s a real challenge. And one where Aptus Health … Read More

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    Live and Kicking: Our RxStart Solution

    The most recent addition to our family of solutions is now up and running, and showing early signs of success. Thanks to our strategic partnerships with three Electronic Health Record (EHR) and ePrescribing partners—NextGen Healthcare, Office Ally, and NewCrop—this free … Read More

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    HCPs on the Current and Future State of the Affordable Care Act

    Lately, the U.S. media seems to report on a new or imminent change in policy almost daily. Not surprisingly, healthcare providers (HCPs) are thinking about how this new administration will impact their practice. One political conversation in particular, the fate of … Read More

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    When turning off a piece of the digital ecosystem risks turning away your audience

    It’s easy to say that the sum is greater than the parts. Yet without an integrated campaign strategy that addresses audiences at key points in their decision making journey, it can be hard to quantify how much greater that sum … Read More

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    The Time for Digital Architecture in Pharma is Now

    Brad Davidson, PhD. Medical Anthropologist and Senior Strategy Consultant, Aptus Health Research proves what most of us already suspected. While the world, from healthcare providers and patients to Maasai warriors in Africa, has moved to digital as a preferred means of … Read More

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